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Your most common questions, answered rapidly!

NO - You do not have to be hit, hit, or fight if you do not want to.

YES - We do trial periods!

NO -  We do not have a binding time, just a 30 day cancellation period.

YES - We do take beginners all year round.

NO - You do not need any prior experience.

YES -  We do offer world class personal training to accelerate your progress.

YES -  You do need regular gymwear, flipflops and a water bottle. 

YES - We do have showers.

YES - You can bring a friend. 

YES - We would LOVE to have you here!  

Experience World Class Martial Arts Training

Our students learn faster thanks to highly systematic and efficient teaching methods. 

Do you want to be better? Or do you want to be your best?

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Muay thai, the art of 8 limbs! A whole body, high calorie workout and the cornerstone of MMA striking. Utilise elbows, punches, kicks and knees to blast away stress, refocus and develop incredible confidence in our fun, inclusive and challenging workouts. Come and see why students are calling these classes high intensity meditation. It is not uncommon for our students to lose up to 30kg in a few months of training. Some have become champions, met their new best friend, some have beat addiction, some of have got in the shape of their life, all have had a great time and were glad they came! 


Elbows aren't for you? Then K1 is. This boxing-heavy ring sport is only getting more popular due to its exciting style and slick, explosive techniques. There are differences between K1 and muay thai, and there are similarities, come and find out what they are. Some similarities are: Fun, confidence building, social, fat burning, muscle building, stress reducing and great for a full nights sleep! Whether you want to compete, or you want to train for fun. We have a class for you! 



Our boxing classes have been getting more and more popular these last months and we regularly see parents and children training together, brothers and sisters and good friends coming in to get a great workout together and has recently become as popular with the women of NCA as our muay thai and kickboxing classes! Bagwork, padwork, bodyweight circuits and fun agility and reaction games will get you sweating and laughing while learning one of the oldest sports in history! 


Coach Whillock

Touted early in his career as one of the best padholders in the world by FightTips Channel and described as one of the best muay thai coaches in europe by coach of over 20 world champions and striking coach on The Ultimate FighterTV series, Kirian Fitzgibbons, Coach Whillock had gained widespread recognition inside striking sports already by age 27. 

By age 28 he had already coached a fighter to ISKA World Amateur glory and become a self-taught and undefeated professional boxing coach. 

In the years following he had his role in coaching fighters to national titles in several sports, worked with fighters in Bellator and UFC as well as serving two seasons as strength and conditioning coach for local ice hockey team Nidaros and was chosen to coach the Norwegian National Muay Thai team. 

Surprisingly it is not fighting or gold medals that is Coach Whillock's main passion. 


After years of intense battles with mental health issues, addiction and chronic suicidality, being a victim of horrendous bullying and being lucky enough to survive the trials of life, and be forgiven for the wrong turns he has taken, Coach Whillock's main mission in life is to help people find themselves in the midst of life's chaos, to offer a shelter from the rain, to forgive and forget, and to help in any way he can to offer in as little time as possible, the lessons than took him almost two decades of frustration to learn. 

He believes whole heartedly that martial arts are a vehical to our truest potential and away from our suffering, whatever they may be. 

"We do not have to become great fighters, but we do have to become great people", is the slogan of NCA. 

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